Summer at Laiya, San Juan

Hi everyone! I'm here in Bulacan now. Just for our late summer vacation. My post here isn't about Bulacan. :)

I just want to share one of our best trip in Batangas. Guess where. :) It is about 140+km from Manila and is located on the southeastern tip of the province of Batangas province. Yaps! It is where Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo had their wedding pictorial. It was the famous Laiya beach, not that far from our home. Did you know that Laiya is one of the best beachfronts in Batangas?
It is known for its white beaches, some of our friends tried snorkeling there and they really enjoyed the underwater scene. I suggest you to come for a visit. Why? Kasi, SULIT! :) One of my friends, Kuya Shan can prove it! :D

Here's one of my favorite shots. :)

A small castle with the word LAIYA made by my brother, Rick. :)
Love, MYX

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