Maybe you'll notice that every recipe has it's own story. But this one, it's just a typical recipe for people who wants to kill their boredom. This was perfect for snacks. :) Before this, I just remember my school days. Ahhh. I miss it! Oh, by the way, I remember one song I used to sing when I was in grade 1. Actually, it's not a song, it's a poem, I just put tune on it. :) Until now, I still know the lyrics and even the tune. That song goes this way:

Piña Colada Recipe

Good afternoon everyone! :) I'm sure you also feel the heat of the weather right now. My ex-classmate asked me last night about a recipe of fruit shake mixed with rum. Maybe she'll use this in her Food and Beverage subject. :P 


Lately, I remember I have a lot of cook books here in my room. Bakery Science caught my attention :). Here's one of the cakes we have made when I'm taking this course last semester. It was called "CUSTARD CAKE WITH MACAPUNO"..

>>Here's How:


Myx' World of Foods is not just a blog for food stuffs :). Just like in my other blog, I have posted a letter there from my best friend. Now in here, I will post a sad but nice poem which I just got from her too. It's a forwarded message from different people around the world. It was entitled "TO MY CHILD".

What to cook on GRADUATION party?

There's a lot of food we can prepare for Graduation party. But first you need to have budget for it. It can't be possible without money. haha

Here's a menu for your party.

You'll just have 3 things to consider when preparing all of this.
What will be your main course, your dessert and the beverage.

(to be continue...)


Last time, when I passed by on a book store, I remembered Ejboi who's asking for a comic book from me. I searched and searched but i didn't find any. Is there any Tagalog comic book available in any bookstore? The one with lessons is what I'm looking for. But instead of that comic book, I saw a a cook book that really fascinated me. It was entitled as "Sunday Dinner" and was published Hongkong (I guess! :P) Hahahaha!!.. Actually, why I did post it here because it was my very first time to buy cookbook. :) I love reading it even for the third time. I wasn't that familiar with some ingredients but the internet will help me with this. :)

Next time, I'll share what this recipe book contains. :)