When there's no "meryenda" at home and we have garlics, my Mom always look for tasty bread or even French bread. She prepares garlic bread for us. French breads are the best bread for this. You can see French breads on super markets but you'll not notice it because it was named as BAGUETTES. If you'll try one, you'll notice that is rubbery and really hard to chew. Here's a simple recipe for a basic garlic bread.


Cooking is the best hobby ever! You're not just satisfying your brain, but also your stomach. (YUN ANG MAGANDA! :) Yet, we need to be careful on what we are handling or using. There are sharp knives and other dangerous utensils, other are hot and that can really hurt us. That's why "PROPER UTENSILS" are highly recommended.


I'm searching for the best dessert lately, and now i settle in this one. It's just a typical food which my mom usually make when we have visitors which she had learned from my grandamom, "Lola Gitang" (I miss yah Lola :) umwahhhhhh!!). I just revised the recipe and add a little something on it. :) And I wanna share it with you. :)

Corned Beef Delight

Want excellent foods but no budget at all? Why not try Corned Beef Delight for break time?

Here's how:
3 pcs hamburger buns, split in half

SUMMER; Time For Shakes

Because it's summer, and we can't deny that the weather is hot, people always crave for something that'll ease their thirst and something that can regain their energy because of the vitamins they provide.