My Sushi Recipe

Last week, my mom and I were on the supermarket to buy some foods and groceries. We dropped by a department and saw some nori sheets. Ahh, I miss nori. The last time I made one, I thought of sharing it to you. :) So, here it is. :)

Nori sheets
Crab meat (imitation)
Ripe mango (julienne cut)
Cucumber (julienne cut)
Wasabi paste
Japanese Rice

Here's How:
Cook the Japanese rice just like you're cooking an ordinary rice. Place in a mixing bowl and add Mirin (amount of Mirin depends on you :D). Set aside. Lay one piece of nori sheet on the sushi mat/rolling mat. Make sure that the shiny side is on the bottom. I didn't know how to illustrate it :P. Put a small amount of japanese rice or about 1/2 cup of it. Spread the rice over the nori sheets with the use of fork, or even with your hands. Place a slice of crab meat, a slice of mango, and a slice of cucumber, and put a lilttle wasabi paste. Begin to roll your sushi starting at the side close to you, rolling it away from you. Don't roll the nori together with the mat. Squeeze the sushi and prepare to cut it into 9-10 pieces. :)

Love, MYX

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