Indications If Food is Cooked and Done

Cakes- Cakes are done when a wooden stick comes out clean and cake pulls away from side of the pan
Fish- it's done when its flakes and is opaque.
Chicken- done when juices are clear yellow and drumstick moves freely.
Meat- done when fork tender or splits at fiber.

Something About Kiwi Fruit

Have you ever tasted a kiwi fruit? If not, then add kiwi fruits to your wishlist :) .
My brother bought kiwi fruits last year, perhaps that time, it cost Php60 per four pieces. Expensive but worth-it. :).
Did you know that kiwi fruits are sometimes called Chinese gooseberry, even it comes from Asia originally? Kiwis largest producer was New Zealand, then Italy. This fruit has a high concentration of Vitamin C so it was lined up with citrus fruits. It was also called as a fruit full of vitamins.
From kiwi fruit, you can make it into a kiwi sorbet. Want to know how?
All you need are:

Foods That Can't Be Foods

Foods are what we eat, but sometimes, we don't have to eat 'em.

       Have you ever tried to make models out of paste of salt, flour and water? I have read a book that teaches it's readers on how to do it. Want to know how?
      First, you will need a cup of salt and two cups of flour. In a large mixing bowl, put flour and salt then add water little by little until you obtain the soft pliable mixture, like the texture of a clay.

Tuna Casserole

Good day! I'm here with my second blog post. Yippee!
Today, I'm going to teach you on how to make
I used to prepare this recipe last year, when I'm taking our Semifinal exam in International Cuisine (My major subject last semester, and it cost too much ;P).
We are obliged to prepare and cook one recipe that will count as our exam.

Starting a Nice Introduction

Hallo! Lady Myx here..starting to make a personalized BLOG, which I can call MINE.. :)
My brother is a blogger, yet I don't want to follow his steps even if he's earning money from his sites. In my personalized site, I just want to post new things about me, and the new recipes i have learned in school, even in my trainings (i have a lot of it.[new RECIPES^^]).
I didn't know if I can update my blog everyday, but I am assuring every reader that this blog (MWF) can help in terms of cooking.
So, wish me a nice start. And i hope I can share more things about cooking and all about HRM field.