Chocolate, Chocolates, and More Chocolatesssssssssss!

Hello! I have decided to post a lot of chocolate dishes next week. Chocolate lovers will reveal in these surprising dishes, which will feature this favorite food at its temping best combine with fruits, nuts, coconut, caramel or just itself as pastry, cookie, cake and the like. And if you're counting your calories, I will then post a dozen slimmed-down desserts which are not for waist-watchers like me only.

And there's more! In some chosen recipes, there's a little note for kitchen preparation, guide for garnishes and a whole lot more! (Parang promo lang sa TV ah! >.<)

So if you find my recipe that irresistible, tempting and make you crave for more, don,t forget to leave a comment or just click the button "Like". Ok? =D Have a happy weekend!

photo from: Mr. Google
Love, MYX

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