Something About Kiwi Fruit

Have you ever tasted a kiwi fruit? If not, then add kiwi fruits to your wishlist :) .
My brother bought kiwi fruits last year, perhaps that time, it cost Php60 per four pieces. Expensive but worth-it. :).
Did you know that kiwi fruits are sometimes called Chinese gooseberry, even it comes from Asia originally? Kiwis largest producer was New Zealand, then Italy. This fruit has a high concentration of Vitamin C so it was lined up with citrus fruits. It was also called as a fruit full of vitamins.
From kiwi fruit, you can make it into a kiwi sorbet. Want to know how?
All you need are:

4 kiwi fruits
6 spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream (yum yum!)
1 tablespoon of lemon juice (you can use concentrated calamansi juice as alternative)

All you have to do is mix everything in the mixer/blender then pour into glasses and put in the freezer. So easy! So, don't just read, GIVE IT A TRY! :]
Love, MYX

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