Foods That Can't Be Foods

Foods are what we eat, but sometimes, we don't have to eat 'em.

       Have you ever tried to make models out of paste of salt, flour and water? I have read a book that teaches it's readers on how to do it. Want to know how?
      First, you will need a cup of salt and two cups of flour. In a large mixing bowl, put flour and salt then add water little by little until you obtain the soft pliable mixture, like the texture of a clay.
When you have the modeled figure of your choice, allow them to dry under the sun or in just leaving it in a room temperature place.

      If you want it to become durable, you can put them in a preheated oven at 160 to 220 degrees. These paste should not be too dry, and if it's too wet, the figure will not keep its shape. In shaping your models, use pastry cuter or even a small knife.
Now, your models are ready, you can use different food colorings to enhance their color. They need not to look pale. Enjoy playing with foods! :)
Love, MYX

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