Berry Good Sundae

Hello everyone! Since the beginning of 2016, I am planning to post something for this blog again. It is just too bad that I don't have that much time to do so. But then now (which is 2017 already), I am back for another yummy recipe for you. I am planning to blog now as often as I can and share with you best tasting recipes I got from my stash! So let's proceed!

1.5 pint raspberries
12 oz blueberries
dash of orange juice
a tablespoon of honey
1 teaspoon vanilla
drops of almond extract
1 pint non fat vanilla frozen yogurt

Here's How:
Mash lightly raspberries and add blueberries, orange juice, honey, vanilla and almond extract. Mix well. Let stand for 30 minutes atleast to allow the flavors to blend.

Scoop yogurt into dessert dish and stir the berry mixture. This recipe can make 4 servings of yummy and healthy dessert.

I hope you can try this recipe at home. Delicious food is your best medicine, they say! :D

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Love, MYX

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